Facilities and Teams

Our facilities include:

• Industrial warehouse of 2400 m2 for mechanical construction, boiler-work and assembly. This warehouse also holds our facilities for industrial painting and shot blasting and our technical and administrative offices.

• Electrical workshop of 600 m2 where we carry out the testing and assembly of electrical cabinets and automation. It also includes the engineering, electrical design and administrative office.

As for our teams, we have in our workshops the following:

  • Two gantry cranes 12Tns. and two 5Tns.
  • Bending metal sheet rolls machine, capacity: 4m.
  • Welding machines: Submerged arc, semi-automatic and TIG
  • Bandsaw
  • Shear cut sheet 3mts. useful
  • Pirotome for cutting of metal sheet
  • Toner for 80Tns. 30Tns. y 15 Tns
  • Lathe 1,5 mts. of capacity and Ø 300 mm
  • Lathe 4 mts. of capacity and Ø 1000 mm
  • Milling machine, capacity 3500x100x100
  • Column Drill, chamfering and emery machine
  • Blasting booth with 8m. capacity
  • Painting area with aspiration with filters that protect and maintain the environment in the best conditions

In all our machines / tools that we pay special attention to comply with all existing regulations as security is concerned, because for us, the safety of our staff is very important.